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The Positive Side of Fear

“It is good to have fear, because it keeps you alert and on guard. It is when you think you completely know the beast that you will fail…” (Kuruk, The Portal)

Fear is a complicated emotion; it is also a natural reaction when faced with something threatening. However, when not dealt with properly, it can overtake your rational mind and enable you to make rash decisions.

Nevertheless, here are some positive sides to fear we should keep in mind:

  • It serves as a warning.

    Our biological instincts have evolved for us to detect danger or anything that is threatening to our well-being. Fear is a natural reaction to such a threat. When we can identify it with rationality, we can take the necessary steps to overcome it.

  • It heightens our awareness.

    Knowing what is dangerous can be beneficial, especially when we can never be too sure about the future. When we become aware of our fears, we begin to learn of the strengths needed to overcome them.

  • It enlightens us.

    Learning our fear and understanding that it is subjective keeps us enlightened. When we are aware of fear, we also are aware of some areas we need to improve on. For instance, people who fear failure may take this as an opportunity to learn how to be less of a perfectionist to deal better with their perceived failures.

  • It helps us focus.

    Knowing what we don’t want to happen narrows our focus and leaves us concentrating on what we truly want. If we do not wish for “x” to happen, then we make sure we do our best to achieve “y.” This step makes it easier for us to keep in line with our personal goals.

Fear is complicated, but it can also have many benefits. With careful introspection and understanding, we can use that fear to our advantage and enable ourselves to transcend such emotions. When we overcome our fears, we become better.

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  1. Hope everyone is enjoying their time reading; especially my current novel The Portal. Let me know your thoughts!!
    Donna Villani

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