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The Importance of a Positive Male Figure

While my book mainly focuses on Colleen, several other characters have more or less made a great impression. One of them is Ricky, Colleen’s nephew, who also happens to be Jeanette and Geoff’s son.

A few years have passed since Geoff left Driftwood to deal with his grief. During his absence, Colleen took the reins and raised Ricky until Geoff’s return. Their reunion is sweet and heart-warming as Ricky slowly begins to take on the responsibilities of what he believes a man should have.

Little boys, in general, should have positive models in their lives. It also helps to have a male they can model after. Here are some reasons why that is so important:

  • It improves their social development. Little boys with positive male figures learn to deal with other men. They also have better social skills and are better at solving problems.

  • It inspires. Admirable male figures encourage little boys to become a better version of themselves. This step creates a positive environment for self-improvement and enables them to develop confidence and self-assurance.

  • It teaches them values. Positive male figures offer a set of values that little boys ought to follow. Values like duty, honor, integrity, honesty, and friendship are critical and can help shape a man throughout his life.

  • It teaches them acceptance. Self-assured men can inspire acceptance toward the younger generation. A positive relationship between a role model and a mentee can enable better social bonds that continue for decades.

With that in mind, having a positive male role model can benefit both boys and girls. As we become better versions of ourselves, let us not forget how this step can influence the next generation. When we improve ourselves, we improve others with us. Stay safe and offer a thank you to the positive male models in your life.

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5 thoughts on “The Importance of a Positive Male Figure”

  1. Hey, is there anybody out there who has any questions about any of my novels? I would be happy to talk to you about them!
    Just blog me back!
    Have a great day!

    Donna Villani

    PS: I want to thank Jane from The Moving Words for all of her help. She’s fantastic!!

  2. Thanks Jim, sounds like you enjoyed it. Wait until the softcover comes out I added some additional “out of this world” Donna idea…LOL

  3. Hey Jim, thanks for your remarks. Sounds like you enjoyed it. There are some “Out of this world Donna” changes coming in the softcover being published soon.
    Hope you check it out!!
    Thanks for your input.
    Donna Villani

  4. Hope everyone is enjoying their time reading; especially my current novel The Portal. Let me know your thoughts!!
    Donna Villani

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